This is a three part workshop with two teachings and one discussion.

In this workshop Julius will discuss the experiences we go thru as we begin to wake up and align with our Soul.
It is relevant in our deprogramming ourselves, reawakening ourselves, healing and expanding ourselves.
What phase are you in? And what is next for you?
It is vital to understand these changes so you don’t get discouraged and turn away from yourself.
It is also helpful in understanding others and even possibly assisting others along the journey.
Julius gives deep insights into these important phases:
  • Other concepts that go with soul alignment
  • Guidance on how to apply this information to yourself
  • A few deep truths about religion and cultures
  • What soul alignment feels like
  • The first 4 phases of soul alignment explained in detail
  • All that brings you into alignment with your soul
  • The differences between your altered ego and your soul
  • A most interesting insight to feeling your emotions and others’ emotions
  • The transformation that occurs as you align more with your soul
  • More phases of soul alignment explained
  • Differentiating between thinking from altered ego and thoughts from the soul
  • Amazing attributes of being aligned with the soul

The Q&A has more greatly interesting information in the Q&A:

  • Inspirational comment by one of the participants
  • Spiritual awakening in current times
  • Effects of Covid vaccinations and shedding
  • Can you be aligned in some areas and others not?
  • Growth and acceleration in the phases
  • Amazing guidance on repetitive altered-ego thoughts
  • More important information on what helps us to align with the soul
  • Fabulous practice to remember your true being
  • Are you aligned or something outside of you not aligned with you?
  • The biggest thing that has kept humanity from alignment with their souls
  • An excellent goal to have
  • The special things we don’t do often enough
  • A deeply uplifting intention declared by Julius for the All

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

Supporting Workshops:

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