Two part workshop with one teaching and one discussion

In this 2 part workshop,  Julius helps us recapture what we drift so far away from.  Learning to nurture Love not Fear. If you believe you have mastered this already, you may be surprised at what you have become.
Knowing all that we are is Julius’ work and they will hold us up on our journey on this realm.

In module 1, Julius conveys to us a better & deeper understanding of love:

– Julius’ extraordinary definition of love
– Perception of love in lower levels of consciousness
– Love is the epitome of these qualities
– How to understand love
– Why love is elusive
– The times when we can experience high frequencies of love
– The one thing that helps you move in love
– How this realm aids in keeping us away from love and its crucial by-product
– Highly interesting truths about frequency matches between people
– How you can help people out of anger into love with this question
– Why you stay in a relationship
– A high truth differentiating between love & fear in the absence of the other person
– What we are taught that leads to pain instead of love
– The answer for knowing love deeper

Get a deeper understanding of love with the questions asked in this Q&A:
– Do higher consciousness beings love everyone with the same intensity?
– What fear is in relation to all-pervading love
– Love and fear in losing loved ones
– The experience of love embodied and non-physical
– Understanding the dynamics of a physically abusive relationship
– How to allow in love
– Insights into the truth and the programming
– Interesting revelations about the body of a being in the 6th level of consciousness
– Dimensions and realms on planets
– Inspirational movies and what to do as you watch them

Supporting Workshops:

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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