This is a 2 part workshop with one teaching and one Q & A.

When you awaken for your journey, most people do not begin in the appropriate areas.
Humans are programmed for outward expression and experiences. Julius will discuss living from within first and how that expression will provide a leg up for your journey.
Whether you are new, or you have been on your journey for a while, this workshop will provide profound useful insight to keep you aligned on your path.

In the first module, Julius gives deeply enriching ways to live life from the inside out:

  • Understanding how we as human beings live life from outside in
  • Insights into leading from the soul
  • How worship come in and its difference to honor
  • Various ways of discovering yourself
  • The barriers that come up in your life without an improved relationship with self
  • Seven fabulous ways that promote living life from the inside out
  • Very clear examples of harmonious interactions in relationships
  • Indicators that you are living from the soul, from inside out

The Q&A has deeper information and important tips for us:

  • Handling the altered ego – a beautiful practice by a participant
  • How to break through the matrix
  • Moving past attachment to past identity and trauma
  • The awareness of Source
  • Bringing yourself into alignment with your soul
  • Fabulous suggestion by a participant on emotions
  • An additional practice from Julius for our emotions
  • Very inspiring words from Julius on unity consciousness
  • Suggestions to keep your space clean and clear
  • On being a channel and your conscious journey
  • How to move past difficult commitments
  • Your biggest blind spot
  • How messages are delivered and received
  • The low energies being pushed on us and timelines shifting
  • The best way forward from here
  • Prioritizing your energy frequency and what helps to do it

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