This is a 3 part workshop with two teachings and one discussion.

We all have Ancestral codes within our DNA.

These codes can dominate our reality when continually activated.

We will learn how to finally clear and shift these limited codes of love.

This workshop will be powerful information for you to create a more joyous and fulfilling life.

In the first two modules, Julius reveals the disconnection from unconditional love and how to reverse it :

  • The descent away from love
  • The role of the realms in this happening
  • Can you heal other versions of yourself in other existences?
  • Deeper understanding of the power of love
  • The way we were when we first came to earth
  • One of the major roots of lack of love in us
  • A huge Aha moment on relationships and attachments
  • The really important thing about recognizing unconditional love
  • What the spiritual journey is about
  • How to recognize that you are moving on your conscious journey
  • How to clear these ancient blocks
  • The big challenge to overcome all blocks
  • When everything starts moving smoothly in your life
  • Practices to move past the challenge
  • The very important practice of ‘seeing’
  • How you heal relationships in your life
  • What begins to happen when you move towards being unconditional love
  • What stops all of us from these powerful practices
  • Julius takes everyone through an amazing energy process

The Q&A reveals many more deep insights:

  • Understanding accumulated experiences and what to do about them
  • The connection in collective and individual healing
  • Different forms of high-frequency beings on earth
  • How to stabilize experiences of amazing love in you
  • Going deeper into what made us step out of unconditional love
  • Is there a higher version of you in the third dimension?
  • Know more about high-frequency places on earth
  • The truth about emotions on this plane of existence
  • Why Julius calls the earth an ‘earthship’

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