This is a 2 part class with one teaching and one discussion.

Appropriately timed, this course will provide information on how to not only recognize fear, but how to reflect the energy from it, reconfigure it, and avoid it.  How to prevent the attraction of it, and what your body needs to do to avoid the adsorption of it.
How to clear your mind and field of it.  Julius will do an advanced activation for your brain to awaken the resistance area in the brain for fear based thoughts.
Even though we are living in it, we don’t need to make it part of our reality.
Come join this class and get your field super-charged for this time of now.

In the lecture, Julius gives us clear information on the fear we don’t recognize:

– One clear red flag to know you are in fear when you are unaware of it
– The first action of recognition
– Another clear indication that you are operating from fear
– What fear activates in the body
– One hidden indicator of fear in relationships
– The presence of this in you disempowers you hugely
– A lovely practice to move out of the limitations of this factor
– Creating a shield that initiates love-based possibilities around you
– What to do right in this moment of Now
– An extraordinary process of brain activation by Julius

The Q&A took this topic to fantastic heights:
– Why there is such a big addiction to fear itself
– What to do about it
– The cause of overeating and resolving it
– Human love as it is generally experienced
– How to switch gears from fear into love in a moment
– Fascinating information on deeper fears and guidance on them
– How far does fasting help you?
– Authentic belief systems and accepted beliefs
– Deeper insights into lack of self-love and how to nurture it
– Explanation of allergies
– The gift of fear
– The experience of love and fear at various levels of being
– Underlying cause of current Covid-19 situation
– How to declutter fear out of our system

Supporting Workshops:

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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