This was recorded at a live event.  It consists of 2 downloadable audios.


As we embark on this extraordinary journey called life, we tend to experience a fair share of pain and suffering and limitation…these experiences are directly connected to your altered ego and the altered ego of others.
If we lived from our Souls instead, our lives and this reality would be quite different.
Discover hidden secrets of unleashing your Soul as the master driving force in your reality.

Julius is an ascended mastered group channeled thru Kasey Wallis.
See their story here:

Module 1:
– How the work of Kasey, Brad and Julius began
– What Source and soul is
– The all-important creative process
– Understanding the soul
– How the altered ego came to be
– The qualities of the soul and the altered ego
– How to decipher whether you are soul energy or altered ego energy at all times
– Breaking free from old, low frequency
– Practical ways to raise your frequency
– An amazing practice to raise your frequency

Module 2:
– 2 fundamental ways we have been programmed
– The specific blocks on the progress in your journey
– The deep importance and significance of triggers
– Understanding selfishness in its true meaning
– The power of love versus the power of fear
– Deeper aspects of the soul and the altered ego
– How many emotions can we have?
– Why manifestation does not work consistently
– Highly inspirational words from Julius in conclusion

Supporting Workshops:

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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