Recorded at a live event.  This product consists of two downloadable audios.  Length is approximately 3 hours.

Self love is a critical element in knowing yourself as source, and can be a major roadblock on your conscious journey.  You cannot reach high consciousness without releasing the limitations and programming that has kept you from fully knowing and loving yourself.

Julius will address this topic from various angles and assist you in moving toward greater love for self.

Module 1:

  •  Introduction to the ascended masters, Julius
  • The difference between a realm and a dimension
  • Love from an empty fountain in the world
  • Another expansive way of looking at your soul
  • Differentiating between altered ego and soul
  • Recognizing fear disguised as love in relationships
  • One important thing we do not do for love
  • One beautiful practice the moment you awake
  • How to get away from the programming that detached you from love
  • The highest frequency you can be
  • What to do when you are sliding into the altered ego
  • What is the shadow self?
  • Important guidance on remembrance of other lifetimes
  • Understanding the ego and the altered ego
  • 4 awesome things to do that lead you into self-love

Module 2:

  • Fascinating, deep information on the vital aspects of empathy and boundaries
  • A huge revelation about twin flames and soul mates
  • How to move past traumatic experiences
  • The important difference between sympathy and compassion
  • A beautiful description of Source
  • Resolution of issues fails on this important point
  • Deep, profound words by Julius on your true self
  • Practices for self-love in daily life
  • Masculine and feminine energies in today’s world
  • Dealing with the past with a light touch
  • The difference between a judgment and a truth
  • The single most important factor in why we are aging
  • Coping and transforming the collapse of old belief systems collapsing
  • Deeply impactful closing words by Julius

Supporting Workshops:

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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