This is a two part workshop with one teaching and one discussion.

The Universe, which is you, may be telling you that patience is required.
Humans have become “hard pressed” and “instant gratification addicts” in their applications of life.
In that state, seldom is there joy. You must slow down to “enjoy” or “be in joy”….
It is the Joy that creates….
Come with us to remember how to ‘do’ manifestation with ease and joy.
Julius will provide powerful tools to get us back on track for the flow in our lives.
Patience is also where our intuition thrives, and expands.
We have become hurried and detached from the value of the emotional experience which requires patience.
The workshop will leave you “emotionally calm and focused”
In the first module, Julius gives in-depth understanding of this misunderstood yet so powerful quality:
  • How to make the important differentiation between waiting and patience
  • The characteristics of patience
  • What is not patience
  • The effects patience and impatience in manifestation
  • Insights into the upbringing of a very young child
  • A most intriguing link to judgment
  • The enormous benefits of patience
  • Differentiating between practicing restraint and patience
  • Further valuable insights into repelling or attracting what you wish for in life
  • What happens in your life when you have no patience?
Foundation Workshops: