This amazing 2-part teaching gives you a clear understanding of what joy is and how you connect with your true being in moments of joy.

It is the final recognition that you are Source.

The emotion of joy is not clearly understood by many human beings, nor do many experience it on an ongoing basis.

While it is experienced differently by everyone, many will be surprised to know more about what it really is and what it feels like. This teaching provides invaluable guidance in experiencing joy.

Learn how to live continually in this state of being. It is the emotion that dissolves all fear, lack, ill-health and dissatisfaction. It helps you transcend all that has been resistant to you and you are in an ongoing state of fulfilment.

Move into freedom with this teaching:

  • The question of all time – what is joy?
  • The difference between happiness and joy.
  • The way to resolution of your problems.
  • One word that creates the worst experience we bring on ourselves.
  • How we get disassociated from joy.
  • Soul’s urging versus the opinion of others.
  • What finding joy leads you to.
  • How to live continually in joy.

More related and interesting topics:

  • The repercussions/effects of causing harm, revenge etc.
  • The real-life example of a celebrity.
  • Do suppressed desires or compulsions disappear?
  • A thorough explanation of you as Source.
  • How to access joy from a seal of low consciousness.
  • Moving from unworthiness and shame, to joy.
  • How to use disruptive situations as opportunities.

“Joy is the state of being, it is not a thought, it is not something you go out and do. It is a beingness. It is a state of being that aligns you with knowing that you are Source.” ~ Julius

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