This is a 3 part class with 2 lectures and 1 Q&A.

Many wonder how Anger plays its role on a Conscious journey.

Are we allowed to feel anger, express anger and include anger on our journey?
What is the high perspective of anger, or is there one?
As Human beings, anger is mostly somewhat destructive it is measure as a bad thing; an abusive thing; a low conscious action.
But if all emotions are allowed and encouraged, then what happens with anger in high consciousness?
When do we stop feeling anger?
What does it all mean, and why do we still get angry?

This class’ subject matter addresses these questions and expands the topic of anger in new directions with the intention to help you further understand and love who you are, and continue to halt the flow of judgement.

In the lectures, Julius gave fascinating information and in-depth guidance on this topic:

  • The upside of fear-based anger
  • Anger in the lower states of consciousness
  • How to handle it in these states
  • An incredible metaphor of the hammer
  • The two sides of the coin of emotions
  • The experience of anger in higher states of consciousness
  • The far-reaching and amazing roadmap anger provides you
  • The cause of anger and the almost unnoticed thought process that follows
  • How this thought process actually hinders resolution
  • How and when your experience of anger changes
  • What the measure of your anger indicates
  • Anger in the journey into the 5th and 6th level of consciousness
  • What emotion feels like in these levels
  • Practical guidance on how to shift from an old emotion into a new one
  • The incredible quality anger transmutes into in high consciousness
  • An illuminating example from daily life
  • The truth about the ten commandments
  • The most powerful thing you can do when it comes to anger
  • The quick, sure-fire action that begins dissipating anger
  • How you master your conscious journey
  • The so-called shortcuts that actually hamper your progress
  • Recognizing the signs of empowerment
  • The fabulous, authentic things you do, rather than ‘should do’

The Q&A took this amazingly relevant subject into greater depth:

  • The all-important quality of tolerance in relation to anger
  • Deciphering the anger with significant others
  • Understanding more about frequency match in relationships
  • The ego’s role in anger
  • More clarity on the powerful state of allowing
  • Deeper insights into the play of emotions and thoughts
  • When the pace of inner work is most effective
  • Physical contributors to anger
  • Wisdom on invasion of privacy
  • Do fear-based emotions get transmuted?
  • Does the earth experience anger?
  • Amazing insights into anger towards politicians

Supporting Workshops:

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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