This is a 2 part workshop with one teaching and one discussion.

In this 2 part discussion Julius will help us to understand what it is to live in the Now.

  • How to identify whether you’re mostly in your past or future.
  • What the energy differences are and how to recognize where your perspective is.
They will provide support in shifting into the now and also provide an energy activation to assist in expanding our Now energy.
Julius gives deep, life-changing insights into the Now:
  • Two indicators that you are not in the Now
  • The indicators that you are in the Now
  • Another word to express the Now
  • How you can change your past
  • Another vital indicator and huge Aha moment of not being in the Now
  • Why has history repeated itself till now?
  • How to not let the past affect your Now
  • The most important yet ignored aspect of wisdom gained
  • A clear, unexpected definition of Now and the past
  • Fabulous guidance on faster manifestation
  • Common human nature and moving beyond into freedom
  • A most interesting truth about judgment
  • A wonderful way to let go of fear
  • How to take your life to the next level without disrupting it

More fascinating information in the Q&A:

  • A wider perspective on ‘mistakes’
  • How to maximize the energy of Now
  • The incredible truth that immediately lessens stress and anxiety
  • A beautiful Native American practice for resolution and decision-making
  • Other practices to find solutions
  • Insights into the buffer of time in the manifestation process
  • The physical body in the 6th level of consciousness
  • Beginning practices for getting into the Now
  • How to know what’s coming
  • A powerful practice for expansion

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