This is a 2 part workshop with one teaching and one discussion.

This workshop will help everyone to hone their manifesting skills.

Everything in our lives is about vibration; high or low vibration will determine your outcome experience.
Some people can panic manifest, but usually have limited, temporary results. We will teach you what that means and what that looks like.
Soul manifestation is usually high vibration and produces not only expanded results but longer lasting results.
This workshop will help you identify what you’re doing and how to make changes.
In the first module, Julius gives an amazing discourse on this crucial subject:
  • What is the definition of manifestation?
  • One major factor that makes us doubt ourselves
  • How to resolve this tendency
  • How to know when you are manifesting from altered ego
  • Many deep reasons for manifesting from the altered ego
  • How are you doing in other lifetimes and timelines?
  • The results of altered-ego manifestation
  • The challenge for most people on a conscious journey
  • How to manifest from your soul
  • The very important but almost unnoticeable catch in flawless manifestation
  • How to handle something not manifesting
  • The enormity of being Source, being the creator
  • Detailed guidance on how to be the masterful creator of your life

Julius expands on this subject in the Q&A:

  • How timeline jumping is affecting our manifestation process in current times
  • The killer combination for amazing manifestation
  • The important thing to understand about the universe delivering to you
  • Meeting the challenge of manifesting major things in life
  • A key factor to why programming doesn’t fall away easily
  • 2 major programs that prevent effortless manifestation
  • The 2 things that validate back to us that we are Source
  • What is the authentic state of love?
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