This stunning 2 part workshop tackles the very human issue of trust and not allowing.

We all have trust issues, what if we could learn to let that go and get the flow of allowance moving thru instead?
Julius addresses this subject to help us shift our energy perspectives.
During this workshop, you discover the true basis for non-trust and how you can overcome this limited energy.
We also address how to tell when mistrust is creeping in and redirect the energies to abundance, allowance, and love.

The first module has so many deep insights and Aha moments that listening a couple of times is recommended:
– What it means to be empowered on the conscious journey
– A deep spiritual insight into the nature of the altered ego and the soul
– How human nature is reinforced
– All trust issues arise out of this one missing component
– A huge Aha moment of who creates trust issues in us
– The genesis of lack of trust
– A further enlightening insight into what causes lack of trust
– The predominant emotional state of being related to trust issues
– How we can change and transform ourselves
– First action to step out of lack of trust
– Understanding mirror consciousness
– The deep impact of lack of trust on our lives
– What is allowance and how to practise it
– Differentiating between two crucial types of actions for resolution
– Another interesting practice to allow the flow
– The difference between hypocrisy and growth

The Q&A evokes more joy in its detailed information:
– The astonishing truth about when the programming of fear actually begins
– How trust issues develop from childhood
– Starting practices for letting go of need
– The difference between trust and conviction
– Transcending the root causes of annoyance
– How to move out of negative thought habits and behavior
– Dealing with binding trust issues from other lifetimes
– What the early signs of mistrust are
– Deeper understanding of the play of energies at conception, gestation and birth of a child
– Trust in higher levels in consciousness
– Your responsibility about the company you keep
– A habit that is a huge trust issue
– Fabulous daily practices for trust
– The thing about siblings

Supporting Workshops:

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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