This is a 2 part class with one teaching and one discussion.

Humans get so anxious for completion of tasks; they believe that things can be complete.
The truth is no matter how you think something is done, there is ALWAYS on-going maintenance, redoing, tweaking, and refining.
Humans, once hearing the benefits of high Consciousness, want to hurry themselves through it.  They become impatient and frustrated if things don’t change or expand within a certain timeline.
This becomes your block, your wall, your downfall.
Julius will discuss this topic in detail and help you resolve this energy and keep your course steady and effective.

In the first module, Julius gives amazing insights into impatience and how to let it go:

– The fear that is at the root of impatience
– Are high consciousness beings patient?
– When impatience kicks in
– Differentiating between enthusiasm and impatience
– How impatience creates blocks on your conscious journey
– The very many underlying reasons for impatience
– The chain of reactions set off by impatience
– Fabulous guidance on how to let go of impatience
– Another state of emotion that is synonymous to patience
– Practices for cultivating patience
– Guidance for patience with employees in business

The Q&A went into very practical applications of this subject in day-to-day life:

– How to practise patience
– The difference between tolerance and patience
– Impatience in states of consciousness
– Impatience in conversation and communication
– How the third dimensional existence plays a role
– The connection between control and impatience
– What to do when others are impatient
– Dealing with impatience when a subject doesn’t hold your interest
– What impatience feels like in the body
– Did the enlightened masters experience impatience?

Supporting Workshops:

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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