This is a 3 part workshop with two teachings and one Q & A.

This workshop will address key functional issues that present themselves in your life that will show you what your frequency is.
Julius has a powerful secret to your true reality and what’s taking place. You cannot effectively change or recreate your life if you don’t comprehend what you’re seeing.
This workshop is for anyone looking for a deeper understanding of who they are in order to direct big changes on their journey.
Whether it’s health, wealth, or relationships.
For practitioners who work with clients, this workshop will help you to refine your own frequencies and expand abilities.
In the first two modules, Julius gives incredible, eye-opening information:
  • What this place of existence is all about
  • What constitutes the energy frequency of your lives and all that happening in it
  • A huge lightbulb moment about conflicting views and perceptions
  • A revolutionary, life-changing, key teaching on this topic
  • Understanding an important aspect of genuine high consciousness
  • The conscious journey in the lower levels of consciousness
  • The biggest and secondary mirrors in your life
  • A key ingredient in changing your life
  • A few examples in relationships that illustrate this teaching
  • A real-life example from Brad’s life
  • The game-changer for those with guilt and regret
  • The true source of your empowerment
  • Differences between high consciousness and low consciousness beings
  • Another depth of understanding to being a magnificent creator on earth
  • The SECRET of you and life and how to make it work for you
  • The biggest indicator of your frequency
  • Powerful guidance through the example of a disharmonious relationship
  • Detailed description of the first important practice to move into more fulfilling experiences
  • The secret of high consciousness beings that you can use
  • Mind-blowing insights into what hinders or promotes your self-empowerment
  • The second important practice to bring the secret into your life
  • How to change the most difficult thing in your life
  • How to decipher what is easy for you
  • 90% of all illnesses and diseases is related to this one thing!
  • Another secret of high consciousness being
  • The one thing that immediately lowers your frequency

In the Q&A, Julius gives fabulous guidance on many issues:

  • How often do we calibrate our frequency in a day?
  • Deep insights into the importance of awareness
  • The most fascinating insight into your and others’ perspectives in a situation
  • The challenge faced by empaths in these situations
  • A key understanding of abused children and why the abuse happens
  • The difference between thought and frequency
  • Fractals of you and impact of others’ perspectives of you
  • The higher, fascinating truths of discord in parent-child relationships
  • How to know somebody is not treating you well and what to do about it
  • One of the simplest ways to get into high frequency
  • High frequency beings’ attitude towards abusive people
  • Is our observation of something negative happening a match of our frequency?

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