This three-part workshop consists of two lectures and a Q&A.

In this workshop, Julius discusses how we allow low frequency energies to enter our auric field and affect us and how to avoid attachments as well as recognizing when you’ve been attacked by dark energies.  Learn how to transmute and disconnect from these energies and expand your empowerment.

Julius gives deep insights into very important aspects of our energy field:

  • The huge importance of knowing energy
  • The many reasons of our energy frequency being a low frequency
  • How to recognize energies coming into your field
  • Points in your body that are extremely vulnerable to toxic energies
  • Areas of your life to be mindful about
  • The difference in two types of cleanliness
  • Conducive energies in your environment
  • The most important physical aspect of your consciousness
  • Practices that are good for your energy field
  • A beautiful practice in seeing energy
  • The massive importance of your energy field
  • The dangers of non-awareness of others’ energy fields
  • The way to circumvent these dangers
  • Ways to prevent low-frequency energies into your energy field
  • A deep, profound practice for self-awareness of energy
  • The one sure way of discerning the energy of practitioners
  • A phenomenal sound energy process to clear, raise and stabilize your energy field

In the Q&A, Julius gives more expansive insights:

  • The nature of plasma in the universe and all the way down to the physical body?
  • Changes in temperature according to the raising of consciousness
  • What is vital to keep low energy frequencies away from your energy field
  • Intriguing insight into tingling at the tip of the tongue
  • How to recognize facets of judgment and the connection to the energy field
  • Understanding empathy on the conscious journey
  • Getting the truth about ‘Ignorance is bliss’
  • Reading into other people’s energy
  • The huge connection between plasma and DNA
  • The meta soul theory
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