This is a 3 part workshop with 2 teachings and one discussion.  About half way through the workshop, Julius said the workshop should be called The Energy Bodies rather than The Etheric Bodies, so you may find both names mentioned during the workshop.

In this 3 part workshop, Julius will discuss the energy bodies behind and within your energy bands. This topic will expand the subject of the Astral body.
This information will provide deep explanations about some of your experiences. It will also provide expansive information on the multidimensional aspects of your Souls.
This workshop can be complemented with The Seven Embodiments Virtual Retreat.
Come with us for this penetrating discussion on understanding even more components of who you are as both a physical and etheric being.
In the first two modules, Julius gives highly fascinating insights on the energetic bodies:
  • The interesting benefits of having this information
  • The width of these energy bodies
  • Detailed description of the first 4 bodies
  • The importance of these bodies in our 3D lives
  • Many useful insights for healers
  • General fascinating information about the first 3 layers
  • How to work these fields to heal yourself
  • More fascinating information on these energetic bodies
  • Clear descriptions of the upper 3 bodies
  • What happens to the energy bodies when you are in the 5th and 6th level of consciousness
  • A beautiful practice to clear your energetic bodies
  • Important practices of well-being for your bodies

In the Q&A, Julius elaborates on a variety of aspects:

  • More on the colors of the energetic bodies
  • The huge importance of clearing and cleansing the bodies in the current moment of Now
  • How the frequencies of people impact others
  • More clarification on the 1st and 5th body
  • Can we do with guidance from others on the spiritual journey or do it on our own?
  • Techniques to access higher levels of being and truth
  • The difference between energetic bodies and embodiments
  • The layers of sentients and non-sentients
  • Disease in and malfunctioning of babies’ bodies
  • When access to the higher bodies is available
  • What happens to the energy of the body in surgery
  • The atomic energy of the body
  • The energetic body that requires our attention the most