Consciously Activating the Frequency Bands Around You

$89.00 $71.00

July 23, 25 – 7 pm Mountain Time

Keeping your energy frequency bands activated and expandable helps you in maintaining a high frequency hazmat suit around you that keeps the distraction and impact of lower frequencies away. It is such a highly desired state of being in today’s world that it is a relief to know you can do it consciously.

This important teaching by Julius gives you crucial information and guidance on how to keep your energy frequency bands clear, clean and vibrant so that there are no holes, grey areas or blocks in them. You will be given certain processes to activate these bandwidths to make sure you are fine-tuning them. You will then be intentionally putting out your projection field around you, the cosmic hazmat suit as you go out into your day. Very importantly, you will also discover how to avoid overwhelming people with your energy frequency but instead use it to stabilze and calm them.

This teaching goes beyond all information Julius has given up until now on this topic. Yet it will be immediately relatable and usable for even newcomers.