This is a 3 part workshop with 2 teachings and a discussion.

In this super intense discussion, Julius talks about how all possibilities exist simultaneously and it’s just a matter of vibration.
Literally matter and vibration alignment.
What if you just need to adjust your vibration to have the reality you want?
What if you exist in all thought as a vibration and you can go anywhere by vibrating differently?
How do we do this?
Can you recognize yourself?
This workshop is not for the simple minded, get ready for a mind bender…..

In the two modules, Julius stuns us with amazing & exciting Aha moments:
– The truth about the innumerable possibilities that exist for you
– What your brain can and cannot do & how this is related to manifestation
– Deeper insights into the Law of Attraction
– Is that really something new you are manifesting?
– A very big Aha moment about manifesting your dreams
– A much deeper understanding of how your frequency impacts your life
– Why life remains the same
– Why life becomes chaotic and scary for you
– The first step towards aligning your frequency to what you wish for
– How high consciousness beings create their reality
– The all-important key to deciphering the frequency of what you choose to manifest
– The sheer importance of your electro-magnetic frequencies
– The levels of consciousness and how your conscious journey is going
– The biggest component of your life
– Detailed exercises to start recognizing your frequency
– What can cause you to misread your frequency
– Deciphering signs of high and low frequency
– A powerful activation of frequencies through sound waves and high-frequency energy

Julius gives more understanding on this fascinating topic in the Q&A:

– The importance of deciphering emotions
– The way your truth and belief works or doesn’t work
– More fascinating information on our authentic database
– The role of DNA in this context
– Variations in frequency and timelines
– The significance of breath and heartbeat to frequency
– The importance of healing wounds on the conscious journey
– Interesting facts about narcissists in this world

Supporting Workshops:

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.