This is the audio version of a live event. There are 2 modules totaling about 3 hours.

We have 7 energy bands around us.
Come hear what they are, how to activate them and how to use them.
What is your frequency? How do you align with other energies?

Module 1:
– The story of how Kasey, Brad and Julius came to be
– A most eloquent and inspiring rendering of who we truly are
– Deep truth about truths
– Brief, illuminating descriptions of the 7 levels of consciousness
– The hertz of the various frequency bands and healing of the body
– What activates all the frequency bands
– The activity of the frequency bands and ascension
– Awesome, cool things to do with your higher frequency energy
– What lies behind the misfires in manifestation
– The things that bring up your frequency

Module 2:
– The ways of the channelling process
– Dealing with the loss of loved ones and communication with them
– Valuable information about musical instruments
– All that is involved in the conscious journey
– One major indicator of high consciousness
– The role of energy frequencies in the holographic reality
– The time buffer in frequencies
– What changes when your frequency changes
– Ranges of frequencies that can work together
– The steps of a conscious journey
– The closest description of Source
– Refining your manifestation process
– Final inspirational words of wisdom from Julius

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

Supporting Workshops:

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