What is the Variable in Your Frequency?

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3-Part Course

December 19th, 20th, and 22nd. 6pm MDT.

What Is The Variable In your Frequency?

The perfect rounding up for your energetic patterns in your beingness.
With the complexities of the Levels of Consciousness, which is the perspective of variables of thought process and emotional response? And since no one feels or thinks the same way, do we really have the same frequency as someone else?
Is frequency a generalization measurement or is it precise? How can your thoughts and emotions, which are not the same as another, match the frequency of another?
If you are an energetic being, then how do you align with your energetic match? What are the variables that have been missing for you? How many variables are there, how complex are you?
How complex is another? To start up the coming season for you, will you decide simplicity or complexity for your next steps? Do you get to choose thought or does thought choose you? Does energy choose you? How does this work?