3-Part Course

What Is The Variable In your Frequency?

The mind-blowing teaching is just that spectacular shot of inspiration and opening up of your being when you need it the most. Its enormous value lies in the natural way it resets your energies by centering you, moves you with more enthusiasm and exhilaration on your conscious journey. Its energy will have you buzzing and its impact will be far-reaching as you contemplate its truths. Every time you reach for empowerment, this teaching will show you the way through the essence of your being, especially in one of the most important spheres of life – relationships.

It is the perfect rounding up for your energetic patterns in your beingness.
With the complexities of the Levels of Consciousness, which is the perspective of variables of thought process and emotional response?  How can your thoughts and emotions, which are not the same as another, match the frequency of another? If you are an energetic being, then how do you align with your energetic match? What are the variables that have been missing for you? How many variables are there, how complex are you?

Julius sets a high note of inspiration and expansion:

  • A powerful guided process to raise the ability to absorb high wisdom.
  • One of the greatest challenges we face as human beings.
  • How limitations are accepted so strongly by us.
  • The unrecognizable mastermind of the altered ego.
  • The brilliant analogy of trapdoors for the consciousness seals.
  • Realizing the true nature of truth.
  • How to overcome the challenges of the spoken word.
  • What gets us out of the deep-seated fear from lifetimes.
  • Why you cannot measure your progress.
  • Using wisdom in having variables in relationships.
  • What constitutes mastery over this realm.
  • Another dynamic process for experiencing the pulsation of vastness.
  • A suggestion for mindfulness.
  • The one thing that puts you in the driver’s seat of life.
  • What we are learning on this physical plane.
  • Where fulfilment comes from in a high-frequency relationship.
  • The explicit energy that brings a relationship down.
  • The space from which to start a new relationship.
  • What abuse in a relationship signifies in terms of frequency.
  • The types of relationships with appropriate fixed parameters.
  • How to decipher the energies in a relationship.
  • The mindful way to go forward on the conscious journey.

Many truths that opened many doors in the Q&A:

  • The variables in the consciousness seals.
  • What happens when you bounce in and out of seals.
  • The vital difference between subtle abuse and the reaction of the altered ego.
  • The far deeper impact of abuse over a long time.
  • What causes joy in a 5th seal consciousness being.
  • What triggers the variables in your life.
  • What is the variable in your frequency?
  • How to move past doubt and fear in case of infidelity.
  • The only way to get to feeling love towards all others.
  • How your manifestation process will grow and expand on your conscious journey.
  • More enlightening information on the consciousness seals.
  • The joy of giving and mindfulness.

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