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By April 1, 2018 April 14th, 2018 3 Comments

Julius talks about what “wanting” tells the Universe. Join us in the hologram course…

Traversing The Hologram
3-Part Course
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Julius talks about kids and social consciousness. Their imagination is stifled. Genius comes through imagination. Inspired by the new course…

Unleashing Your Creative Flow
2-Part Course
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  • Wendy Brodhead says:

    Hi, it’s been a while since I’ve had contacted you. But I’m please too tell you I’m back. I’m interested in the hologram course. But I’m concerned I won’t be able to interact. I only have cell phone access. Please let me know if that is enough?
    Thank you Wendy Brodhead

    • Brad Wallis says:

      Hi Wendy, yes cell phone access is enough for all the live courses. When you purchase the class, you receive a PDF with a phone number and a passcode to get connected. If you have any further questions, then send us an email to support@expandwithjulius.com

  • This site is absolutely fabulous!

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