2-Part Course – A lecture and a discussion

This teaching is a signal, incentive, inspiration for everyone to really get into their mojo of creativity. Unleashing the creative flow is to bring magic, miracles, fun and immensely interesting facets into your life that will keep you younger, happier, healthier. It is the elixir of life in a profound sense, which you will discover as you hear Julius talk on this essential aspect of your being.

This is a course through which you will honor and recognize your extraordinary self. It will aid you in bringing your manifestation to another level as well as bringing in peace, harmony, love and joy as you walk on this three-dimensional realm with its polarity and limitations. This course will also help those who lose their creative flow and get discouraged. Waiting for these blocks to clear themselves can be an unrealistic expectation.

Discover how to unclog the pipes, help source flow through you and enjoy the possibilities that open up for you.

In the lecture, Julius takes you to a clear understanding of the creative flow and how to unblock it:

  • The huge misconception about creative flow that blocks it.
  • Various ways in which people display creative flow.
  • Left brain, right brain, masculine, feminine energies in relation to creativity.
  • Creativity on the third dimensional realm.
  • A brief, eloquent description of the creative process.
  • The realities of lower seals of consciousness and how they change in the higher seals.
  • Deeper definitions of masculine and feminine energies.
  • Instances of when creativity is hitting you.
  • What heals a person deeply seated in fear.
  • The huge downside of not knowing one major truth about creativity.
  • Superb ways to unleash your creative flow.
  • Why we came to earth in a costume.
  • The profound definition of creativity.
  • The all-important choice in creative flow.
  • A fabulous practice to access your creative flow.
  • A common misconception that is a judgment.
  • The guaranteed way to getting creativity to flow.
  • Where the major block lies.
  • The magic of collaborative efforts.
  • Vital tools to stay in alignment with your creativity.
  • The two extraordinary processes of creativity.
  • What listening to this teaching will do for you.

Julius expands on this topic with more amazing practical guidance:

  • Great advice for giving structure to creative ideas.
  • How to help very fear-based people unleash their creative flow.
  • What to do when you tire with the constant output of creativity.
  • How to engage the altered ego into your creative process.
  • Lovely calming, extremely powerful practices for the creative flow.
  • Understanding sound waves and their effect on us.
  • How to take inspiration and start your own creative flow.
  • How to experience your creative flow in different ways.
  • A beautiful story to illustrate such experiences of creativity.
  • How creative flow can help people with disease, pain and suffering.
  • When you have to reset.
  • Working creatively and effectively with other people.
  • Mastering components of polarity, judgment, balance in creative flow.

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