Utilizing the Void in the Hologram.

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3 part class Nov. 27th ,28th , & 30th.
6pm Mtn Time
Utilizing the Void in the Hologram.
The powerhouse of the Void can provide the Universal rocket fuel to our experience.
As light beings we use energies for creativity that we have allowed to be dissipated from our memories of because of our experiences on the realm.
We see only the earth-ship as a realm and therefore the truth of physical…..
Our human perspectives believe it to be fixed, planned, predicted and therefore immovable.  Unchangeable.
The Void will bring us into the dimensional aspects of creation, change, and flexibility for our reality.
How do we do it you ask….come with us and find out.
This course is advanced and we recommend the supportive materials of these course…
Getting into the Void.
Adventure thru dimensions realms and vortices.
Traversing the Hologram.