In this 2 part discussion, Julius reveals several ways we can detach from the Matrix programming and how to integrate these into our everyday lives.
With consistent application we can get ourselves away from the limiting frequency of the Matrix.

Julius gives us 10 magnificent ways to free ourselves from the matrix:

  • What is the matrix?
  • The disastrous consequences of being stuck in the matrix
  • 10 practices explained in detail to release yourself from the matrix

The Q&A went into many interesting topics:

  • The truth about varying crystal sound bowls and their quality
  • The responsibility of practitioners
  • Various ways of coping with extreme weather conditions
  • Dealing with disruptions caused by family members
  • How to discern expanded thoughts
  • The fallout of a division between people
  • Understanding the connection between the 5 senses and emotions
  • Matrices in other dimensions
  • The one powerful thing that keeps you out of the matrix
  • How the matrix came into being
  • Concluding words of support and love from Julius

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