This is an expansion on Entering The Void, one of the most advanced and profound courses of Julius. It is not required but highly recommended to take the course Entering The Void as a support for this course, especially the first two modules. Listen now for free >

This teaching has groundbreaking, profound revelations that Julius has simplified and made accessible to our understanding.

Included in this teaching is the gift of an extraordinary application that will help all to access the infinitely powerful space of the Void, no matter where each person is in their state of consciousness.

If you feel you are full of fear, face lack, not a high consciousness being, this teaching is guaranteed to transform your life! If you already know of the Void, this course is going to take you much, much further in your knowing.

The immensely practical guidance given by Julius will allow you to use the infinite power of the Void to effect all the incredible changes you desire, to have the life you want.

It is the most effective path to manifestation. It is you as your most powerful self. 

What power does the Void hold to expand your Consciousness, can you use it to pull you through The Levels of Consciousness?

This course is intense, hugely uplifting, transformative, joyous and remarkable!

Julius shows you the power of the Void:

  • A clear, comprehensive description of the Void.
  • When do you utilize the Void?
  • How often do you use the Void?
  • An integral part of the manifestation process.
  • The powerful pendulum of manifestation.
  • The reason you feel you are not in control of your life.
  • What the Void does for you even when you are unaware.
  • The role of the Void in the movement through the seals of consciousness.
  • Tapping the immense life-changing power of imagination and the Void.
  • An enjoyable exercise to start working the Void.
  • A supremely important factor of manifesting in the Void.
  • The actual truth behind ‘karma’.
  • Surefire way to release fear, depression, stress.
  • The extraordinary things possible on this realm.
  • Detailed steps of the powerful application to access the Void.
  • Using this extraordinary application in your life for various objectives.
  • Accessing the Void through love and fear.
  • Introducing others to the Void.
  • How to cleanse the sacred space of the Void.

Even more detailed guidance and information:

  • Using the Void in business, meetings, job applications.
  • What to do in situations where loved ones are fear-based.
  • How to get beyond the limited life you have now.
  • The incredible journey from individual to collective experience.
  • More fascinating information on 6th seal consciousness beings.
  • Living in the Now and the Void.
  • How to include others in the Void.
  • When warring will end on earth.
  • More insights on the manifestation process.
  • The most important thing to know about angels, guides and higher frequency beings.

Supporting Courses:

Foundation Courses:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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