In this 2 part workshop, Julius provides information on the Vortex within and the Void of all existence.
Where do we go to access this energy?…
What do we do with it?
How does the Vortex work?
Why is it so hard to align with?

In the first module, Julius gives us the most incredible, inspiring information on this topic:
– Definitions of the vortex and the void
– The huge, misleading oxymoron in spirituality
– Understanding of these concepts according to levels of consciousness
– The ultimate truth
– Where the vortex or void is
– The connection to kundalini energy
– Signs in your body while experiencing void energy
– Deciphering the refined aspects of love and joy
– Insight into happiness, joy and bliss
– The extraordinary response of the body to this exceptional state
– The sublime expression of the void
– What to do when you are experiencing lack in love, health or wealth

The stunning Q&A has loads of exciting information:
– What happens in the body and the reality as you manifest
– How to let magic occur
– Manifestation at the lower levels of consciousness
– How this human race has been controlled and manipulated
– Why we have lost our creativity
– Taking the example of Jesus and the hologram
– Further insights into the void and the vortex
– How to raise the perception of limitation
– Helping our children to know that they are the All
– Fascinating information on our vortextual energies while sleeping
– More on kundalini energy and ascension
– How to use the Void energy to not be distracted by the illusion
– Various amazing ways to use the Void as a tool
– How to be a master spellcaster with love
– Valuable guidance on emotions and distractions

Supporting Workshops:

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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