The Judgment You Cannot See Trailer from Xpnsion Network on Vimeo.

This course gives everyone the deeper and vital understanding of how much they process judgment. We do not realise what judgment is and how much judgment affects our thoughts and actions. In fact, according to Julius, we only recognize 5 % of the judgment that we do.

On our conscious journey, we are working to master the components of judgment by removing judgment. This amazing and invaluable teaching does not just focus on negativity, it’s energies and high wisdom clarify, cleanse, balance and restore our inner being. This gets our energy field up and our conscious awareness state is refined and consistent so we can learn some of the key components of understanding what judgment really is. We are aware that it exists in all forms of limited thought, yet we do not grasp the full significance of what this means in our daily life and in our thought processes. This teaching clears the way to higher states of being.

A often heard complaint is – How come I’m not getting the results my conscious journey should be bringing me? I’m not getting everything I want.

This course solves the mystery!

In these two discussions, your whole view and understanding of judgment will change:

  • A deeper understanding of the state of non-judgment versus judgment
  • A fascinating aspect of the normal process of thought
  • What we and this earth were like millions of years ago
  • The iceberg of judgment we do not see
  • The stage we will eventually get to
  • The one massive judgment we do not see
  • Various other aspects of judgment we do not see
  • Ways to avoid compounding judgment
  • How to tackle judgment that you cannot seem to release
  • The rocket fuel on our conscious journey
  • A detailed explanation of judgment
  • What is the state of being without judgment like?
  • The most powerful and straightforward way to get past all-encompassing judgment
  • Julius’ very moving personal rendition of how they moved beyond judgment
  • What the power of God is
  • How to decipher how much judgment you have done in the day
  • The real meaning of detachment
  • Detailed and practical guidance on how to move past judgement
  • The two huge acts of bravery by souls who come to earth

The very tangible gift of this Q&A is the clarity that grows as you contemplate its truths:

  • The interplay of awareness, judgment and energy emission
  • The absolute truth about manifestation, law of attraction and you
  • How to choose emotions without judgment
  • Balancing Isness of suffering and assistance
  • Mindfulness as opposed to judgment in daily life
  • The important understanding of transcendence of energy
  • When joy becomes a judgment
  • Running a business without stress and judgment
  • The mindful way of processing emotions
  • More inputs on practising the practice Julius suggested
  • Healing versus transcendence – the lengthy debate
  • The wise way in relationships and community
  • The emotions in fact and judgment
  • More insight into reaction and response
  • Introducing the concept of non-judgment to someone in depression
Foundation Workshops: