Healing & Releasing Hidden Codes of Judgment From Our Childhood

Take this extraordinary journey into healing yourself!
This Virtual experience will deep dive into Hidden Judgement Codes you have received and created in your childhood.
These limited codes undermine your conscious expansion and unknowingly become the major blocks along your Spiritual journey.
Julius will take you deeper and deeper in each module to recognize and then to clear and heal these issues.
In true face forward style, Julius will support and nurture you in this process. You will arise from this retreat with relief, expansion, love and possibility.
In this virtual retreat, you will receive 6 teaching modules where Julius will address different issues related to Judgement codes and emotional blocks and wounds. Allowing you to find your awareness of yourself and who you are. Each module will also bring helpful suggestions for clearing and healing these topics.
You will also receive a Labyrinth sound bath and light coding session to use throughout your retreat experience. This is a powerful energy experience that may be used daily and even beyond this retreat for continued energy healing and clearing.
We will also have you participate in 2 question and answer modules where you get to submit your questions and comments to take you even closer to being in physical presence during this workshop.
We will close the retreat just like we do during our physical workshops with a final ceremony to bring closure and to transcend the energies of your limiting codes.
Please join us as we work to assist you into the highest aspects of awareness and consciousness.
What’s included:
  • Introductory module
  • Labyrinth Sound Bath – in video and audio
  • 6 Modules – available in video and audio as well as transcripts
  • 2 Live Question & Answer Sessions – with replay

Bonus Modules:

  • Uncovering & Deactivating Hidden Programs – 2 part workshop in video and audio
  • Self Love & Empowerment – Quaraxian Activation
  • Accessing Your Inner Child teaching
  • Why Are Humans Addicted to Fear? teaching

During the “live” week of the retreat which is set for November 7 through 14, 2022, the modules will be made available each day and the dates be reflected on the retreat page.

The links to post your questions for the Q & A’s are on the page as well as all information necessary to join us live for those events.  Once the retreat is in replay, everything will be available for review on the retreat page.
We are offering several bonuses with this retreat to assist further with this material and the access information for those can also be found on the retreat page.
At any time if you have questions, please email [email protected]. We are happy to assist!
Foundation Workshops: