2 part class with 1 lecture and 1 discussion
Separating the Altered Ego Reactiveness from the Soul’s Perspective.
This course is of enormous significance to all who have consciously embarked on their spiritual journey and face opposition from loved ones and other members of their society.
Dealing with attack from those that we love is one of the most challenging and paralyzing experiences one is challenged with while being human. When the ones we love the most are in so much pain, and our attempts to help them are not only rejected, but they unleash anger and sometimes even violence towards us, what can we do? How do we manage this in our minds and hearts?
This immensely relevant course is not only about dealing with such painful issues, it goes further in revealing to us the way of mastery on this physical realm. The knowledge imparted and the Aha moments that you will undoubtedly have as you listen to these teaching will create a fulfilling shift in your being as you incorporate the changes in your life.

Julius gives incredibly empowering insights on:

  • The internal and external struggle.
  • A key insight to viewing the other’s attack.
  • How to retain detachment in such situations.
  • The occasions on which to use the tool of detachment.
  • Crucial insight into when you should be engaged, rather than detached.
  • The fears that creep into a marriage or partnership.
  • A prime decision we make in every moment of the spiritual journey.
  • The skill we are trying to master on our journey.
  • A wonderful analogy of soccer.
  • How to decipher teachings that come from the altered ego or the soul.
  • The art of detaching appropriately – in two simultaneous processes.
  • How to practice the art of detachment.
  • Knowing this secret puts a smile on your face.

The Q&A has many more invaluable insights and guidance on:

  • The effects of the altered ego mind on people.
  • The skill of thought stamina.
  • Dealing with the passive aggressiveness of others.
  • Valuable guidance on staying centered amidst distraction.
  • How fear-based people get their empowerment.
  • The important aspect of energy frequency matches.
  • Deciphering between your own altered ego state and your refined state.
  • How to shift the energy of pain into an application.
  • The importance of timing in situations of conflict.
  • The truth of ‘time heals’.
  • The impact of events from concurrent lives.
  • The process of dealing with antagonistic relationships.
  • The knowing that leads to calm.
  • How does the soul give you warnings?
  • Detachment and the appearance of coldness.
  • The detrimental ways of detachment.
  • The roots of steadfast peace and calm.
  • Another important type of stamina on the conscious journey.

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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