This is a 2 part workshop with one teaching and one discussion.

In this 2 part class Julius will enlighten us on the expansive aspects of being a never ending multidimensional being.
They will discuss energy and how it always exists and what that means for our journey.
They will provide insight as to everyone else’s perspective of you and how that plays into who you are .
This subject is vital to support your endless beingness as Source.
Come with us for this deep discussion and learn to love every aspect of you.

In the first module, you get an astounding view and insight into the versions of you:

  • Versions of you in separateness – how far does it go?
  • The highest truth of you
  • Beautiful insights into the journey to higher consciousness
  • Versions of you in this one lifetime
  • The impact of and freedom from energetic imprints
  • How deep and far is sentient beings’ perspective of you
  • Reactivating and deactivating versions of you
  • How to deactivate your imprints on others and resolve longstanding conflicts
  • The one big factor that causes you to repeat an experience
  • The highest truths about forgiveness

This fascinating topic gets deeper insights in the Q&A:

  • How we can heal versions of ourselves
  • Resolving old conflicts
  • On the vast journey of non-judgment
  • The decisive difference between judgment and fact
  • A lightbulb moment about our truth and others’ truths
  • How to extend grace to yourself and others
  • How to remove emotional imprints in your home
  • How to not repeat limited experiences
  • What is real?
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