Pain and Suffering Are A Result of Judgment

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2 Part Class November 4 and 5, 7pm MT

In this 2 part course Julius will address the profound truths that judgments bring into your life.
Come experience information to empower you, transform you, and assist you in controlling your suffering.
This course will be complete with an activation to assist you to expand your frequency and clear your pain.

In the lecture, Julius gives us profound insights and Aha moments:

  • That absolutely vital glue that creates our reality
  • A very apt analogy of the rotten apple in the barrel
  • How pain and suffering appears to benefit some
  • The higher truth about ascension from the fourth to the fifth dimension
  • What the hologram does for us
  • How science supports this
  • The profound and astonishing truth that explains all other truths on earth
  • When human beings come to their knowing
  • The light being experience in this context
  • A huge Aha moment about the times when there is no pain and suffering
  • A clear example of chronic conditions
  • What tears are about
  • A true story to illustrate the  main concept of this teaching
  • The boomerang effect on us
  • How to deal with pain and suffering
  • Various simple, but highly effective practices to help you
  • Vital points of contemplation that ease pain and suffering