The Sense Of Belonging – To Ancient Races

By January 25, 2018 October 25th, 2018 One Comment
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How Do You React?

If you were told there was an extra-terrestrial in your backyard, what would be your first reaction? One of fear? That’s because aliens or extra-terrestrials are generally depicted in a rather fearsome light in movies and most of the stories out there are about abductions for horrifying purposes. Yet it wasn’t until the 1980s that this trend of depicting aliens as something to be feared really took hold. Prior to this, there were many accounts by ‘contactees’ who spoke of benevolent beings come to warn them about the dangers of nuclear destruction etc. that we human beings were refusing to see. Now there are some scientists who concede that alien presence may not be something to be feared. What is the truth about aliens and visits by them? Are they here to aid us or destroy us with their highly superior technology and advanced intelligence? These are some of the questions that immediately spring to our minds when this topic arises.

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Where Do You Come From?

In recent times, there has been a flood of information of a different kind. We hear that there is a connection with some of these aliens, that we came from some of these races. Is it true that their existence isn’t really alien to us? Julius has already divulged some very interesting information about so-called aliens. And there is more to come. Would you like to know where you have come from? What’s in your DNA? How would we know all this? Nowadays, there are quizzes that are supposed to identify the alien race we may have come from or the star system we belong to. In all the vast sea of information on the internet, what is true? What are falsehoods planted to mislead?

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Can This Lead Us to Better Understanding of Ourselves?

“A spiritual journey is about you understanding yourself, understanding your growth, creating your growth.” ~ Julius

A part of understanding ourselves is understanding the vastness of our being, the multitudes of experiences and existences we are going through in this moment of Now, which we may rather think of as past or future because that appeals to our linear-thinking brain. However, to get to the knowing of ETs and aliens, we’re need use the right brain that has the openness of children who communicate with more than just the  flowers and the birds.

Some of us may well question why we need to get into this information at all. Wasn’t there already a whole lot of overwhelming stuff in the world and daily life to deal with without adding unnecessary overload by way of aliens and extra-terrestrials? The simple answer is – to miss out on this, is to miss out on a greater understanding of ourselves. It is to forgo a tremendous opportunity to access wisdom and a higher intelligence that was once ours, which we can regain again.

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How Do We Assist Each Other?

Perhaps that is their major significance in our human existence. To reassure us that we don’t need to stress and strain to learn something new, we just need to remember what we once knew. That their expansion can lend to ours too if we invite and access it. To know that the remembrance of some of our dreams were recollections of our existence in such planes. What better way forward than to access it in our conscious state on this physical state?

For those who ask, Julius always steps in to separate the wheat from the chaff, to guide us with what is true, uplifting, loving and expansive. What have they in store for us when we question them about such beings? That is the truly tantalizing question.

The spiritual journey is exciting, fascinating and ever so expansive in unexpected ways!

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One Comment

  • Jackie says:

    Hi Kasey and Brad;
    I most definitely know there are many, many species living among us, on other galaxies, and in other universes: )
    Here is a channel about abductions that my friend and I did back in 2002.
    Jackie Haverty and Tish Linard

    Questions by: Jackie Haverty
    Channeled Answers: Tish Linard and Joseph (Jackie’s Guide)

    May 29/02


    Jackie: My guide, Joseph, speaks to me about aliens and abductions through Tish.

    Joseph: As to the abductions, the reason I have chosen to speak to you directly is because I have been with you for a very long time and have observed these abductions or contacts with you.

    Jackie: Are they still doing this? It seems that I still feel them around me every once in awhile but I’m not sure.

    Joseph: They do what they call scans on you even still. Because of the changes they created in your internal organs, they withdrew any further assistance and only want to observe the human body as it matures and ages with the changes that they made. They scan the progress but are no longer intruding or making any changes or adjustments. They want to see how naturally your body handles the original changes.

    Jackie: What kind of Aliens are these; what we call the Grays or something else?

    Joseph: They are the long, tall grays that come to you. There are a variety of different, what you would call alien sources, we would call them species, that have been allowed to observe the progress of the evolution of the human on the earth plane. They have done some experimentation; they have done some implantation; they have done some removals; they have done a variety of things. We have stayed back and allowed this to progress because there is the need for union with this human race as it progresses to the point where it can accept different life forms. A union, an understanding, a finding common ground, is necessary for future generations.

    Jackie: Us or them?

    Joseph: Yes, for all.

    Jackie: So it’s not necessarily bad then?

    Joseph: None of the experiments, as you would say, have ever meant to be harmful. They are trying out the combinations. There are restrictions of other species that humans don’t have and there are restrictions of humans that other species don’t have. They would like to combine genetics and the Creator has allowed this as long as the natural evolution of the species can be united in unison without the basic interference of one species into the other. There may be adjustments that can be made from one species to the other without affecting the evolution of both. The Creator has allowed this. If there was going to be a major effect on the evolution of either species, it would not be allowed. And that is why the abductions occur. That is the only purpose, otherwise, they would simply take and change humanoids and change other species, but that’s not allowed. They must see the progress of minor changes and how it effects the species in the natural environment. There has never been any harm intended.

    Jackie: There’s been a lot of fear associated with abductions, especially for children.

    Joseph: But the fear is being created by the not knowing.

    Jackie: So they’ve adjusted my body?

    Joseph: There have been changes made to your body; to your mother’s; to your father’s; to your sister’s; different changes to each. They are keeping track of the genetic changes and observing the changes as those lives progress. When you see them, when you feel they’re around you, it is for the scanning purposes.

    Jackie: Is my grandson being abducted by them too? He’s afraid at night and has talked about aliens. Is this his imagination or is it because he is genetically related to me as well?

    Joseph: There have been changes to both children. There have been changes to the other children in the family as well. The changes to your parents were different than the changes to you and your sister. The changes were different to your children than the changes to you, and the next generation and the next generation. Some changes in some genetic patterns have weakened the species. Those changes have not been allowed to reverse, but have been carefully documented so as not to repeat. Changes are not meant to strengthen or to weaken. They are just meant to make adjustments in order for the species to understand, co-exist and communicate better. There is not a melding. One species will remain one and the other will remain the other.

    Jackie: Is there anything my daughter and I can do to help the kids to not feel so afraid when this happens?

    Joseph: The changes that were made in your generation will not be made on your grandsons. They learn once so they don’t need to repeat. They do take random…(sounds cold)…they take random samples of different genetic structures around the world. But we do not continue to allow the same experiments over and over.

    Jackie: It just seems kind of strange being experimented on. But yes, I understand the purpose.

    Joseph: It’s not meant to be harmful. You are not loosing your freedom of choice at that time, although you seem to be. It is meant to be productive. Sometimes it is, sometimes it is not. But without trying these things in the natural environment, the experiments would not have been allowed. They would’ve been too harsh, and the changes would have been irreversible and too extreme. So doing small, very small adjustments and then watching the growth, the change, was the only way it was going to be allowed. It may never be as we had hoped. There have been reports that some of the experiments have been very productive, although, some reports have not been productive or useful at all. As was expected.

    Jackie: So it was basically for evolution then in a way? To help both species evolve?

    Joseph: The population of the earth is but one life form and all life forms eventually must be able to communicate and co-exist. So far, the earth has been isolated from that need, but the conditions on the planet are progressively increasing to where that is not going to be possible for the survival of the species. If one technique of natural, physical adjustments is not possible, then mechanical adjustments will have to be suggested into the minds of inventors. They preferred to see if they could encourage natural evolution rather than the use of mechanical.

    The guides have been aware. The experimentation has not gone on without the permission or knowledge of the Creator, as s/he is aware of everything. And it was allowed for these purposes, otherwise it would’ve been stopped. There does not need to be fear of it. However, there is certain residual memory of some pain that has been endured by the physicality of the body. That creates the fear. The biggest source of the fear is the fact that the earth has been isolated. Open communication has not been acceptable to the human species level of development and understanding. As earth plane genetic physical beings are opening and exploring themselves, their minds, and the environment around them on different levels, then the possibilities of open communication and contact are more possible. Things will change; things are changing; people are changing; and vibrations of the physical selves are changing as the spirit evolves and changes its environment and vibrational levels. This is not like stepping off a cliff. It takes time. Everything on the physical level takes time.

    Jackie: Thank you.

    Joseph: That is one of the reasons I have come to be with you Jackie. I have been Joseph taking this kind of physical form that this one (Tish) understands when she sees my image. I have also been an emissary in other galaxies with other life beings. When I am seen in other galaxies by other life forces there, I do not have the form that you are experiencing on your earth plane with your concepts. That is why our forms are really created for you. Because we are – as you will be and were before – energy. The concept of a form is what we provide for your comfort only.

    Jackie: Yes. I understand that everything is energy.

    Joseph: We don’t require any form whatsoever, but that would be confusing and somewhat alarming when communication is allowed. It is easier if we create a form which you are comfortable with and this one (Tish) is comfortable with. If we are going to merge with her and enjoy our ability to communicate directly, we must present a form which does not create any fear for anyone.

    Jackie: If you presented another form would it be like from another universe, or galaxy, or would it be simply be energy?

    Joseph: Our true form is pure energy. If we were on another galaxy with other species, we would represent ourselves in another form which is comfortable for them. This one has seen some of us in pure energy form. Her concept is that it is pure energy and has no form, but that is not a concept ready for many earth beings yet. So we create a form that they can be comfortable with.

    Jackie: Thank you. I understand that.

    Tish:. He’s showing me what he has looked like on another planet…He’s actually showing me several different species.

    Jackie. So he’s been in different forms on different planets and universe’s before? Does your
    Higher Self recognize these forms?

    Tish. Some of them. The first couple forms.

    Jackie. Yes, keep in mind what those forms look like so you can explain to me later. Why is he showing these forms?

    Joseph. Partly to see that because on this physical plane, humans just expect their guides and masters to look like themselves. Consequently, when guides work with the human species they show themselves as humans even though all could have been in other forms in other universes. Our lack of time – linear time as you know it – eliminates all the barriers that you have constructed for yourselves on this planet. The concept of eternity is the only word that comes close because the earth is so restricted in the understanding of time and space. Form is a figment of human imagination as is time. And because you are on this earth plane in this physical body, you accepted the limitations for specific learning purposes. When you shed the physical body and become the energy, the need for form is insignificant. Therefore, some of the shapes and forms that I have represented would be called very foreign. We’re showing these forms to help you understand that our form is insignificant.

    Jackie. Are they evolving the same as what we are?
    Joseph. It is difficult to comprehend. The soul only evolves. The species appears to evolve, change, create, die out, make genetic changes, but the reality is that the soul is the only thing that is evolving. Each visitation in each universe, and the experiences of each physical body, creates learning and that soul then evolves.
    Jackie. Yes. Is there anything that you want to tell me about this that may be important for me or other people to know?
    Joseph. Yes. The term that you use…Love. That is the form of all energy, all progression, all movement, in all universes, at all times!
    Jackie. I thought some of the beings in other universes could not feel emotions. Is that true or not true? Or is there a difference in feeling the emotion and being the emotion? Or is it even emotion?
    Joseph. What you experience in the physical form on the earth plane… which we call love; love for a mate, love for a child, love for a friend, love for the world; is constructed, formed, and adheres to the choice made by the earth plane physical body. The emotions that you feel in this earth body cannot be compared to what the sentient being feels in other universes. But that is not to say they don’t feel or don’t try to achieve as much as the physical earth body. They achieve their own physical requirements and desires in a form that is appropriate for their unique choice. Saying that other sentient beings have no emotion is absolutely incorrect. However, if you try to judge those emotions by what is required by the physical body on the earth, then you could say they have no emotions.
    The one universal feeling – if you want to call it a feeling, or an emotion, or a drive, or an aspiration – is LOVE. All beings on all planets strive for the completion, the perfection, the development, and the assembling of the things in their lives, and people in their lives, that create the energy of love. That is Universal.
    Jackie. Do all other universes and planets contain both male and female? I don’t imagine they do, but you were saying, in their social structures they also create the energy of love. How do they do that? Is that explainable?
    Joseph. You would have to look at each individual species – which we don’t have time. You would die long before we could get through each one! But the sentient beings that you were in the winged form have no need for the kind of things that give you pleasure on the earth plane. The things that make them happy, complete, are based on their physical and their environmental needs. Are they male and female? Each species has it’s own unique process of physical reproduction. Some require male and female – some do not. Some have evolved to not need reproduction on a combination basis. All I can say is that their relationships – as on the earth plane- with others of their own species, and with other species in their own space, are major contributing factors in the seeking of the lessons and the love that they are gathering and learning. This is not a unique thing for the earth beings. Relationships provide that for a lot of species. Even the species that do not pair one on one, the relationship with the whole species is the ultimate importance. Do you understand that? Not all species take a physical form, therefore, there is not a physical pairing but a unity, like emergence, and that whole that merges is the learning process of that species. The physical beings that are in individual bodies are a separate piece, a separate soul, spirit, but in the species that do not take individual form, the whole creates the relationship.

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