How to shift out of DNA limitations.
This is a 3 part class with 2 lectures and a Q&A.

The subject of DNA reconfiguration is a popular topic. Julius addresses the limitations imprinted on our cellular level that we have carried from our pasts.

Many practices and ideas have been offered and are available, supporting theories and ideas on this topic. Julius brings forward information about imprinting and limitations. They also provide information on the DNA male and female perspective that imprints us.

Can you release these limitations? Can we create a shift in the DNA strand and become the all?

This teaching sheds light on who and what we are in the physical experience, and helps create the things we desire for ourselves.

In the first lecture, Julius takes our understanding to another level:

  • The fascinating process of becoming light and then human beings
  • How and why our DNA changed from the beginning of our time on earth.
  • The origin of our subconscious mind and the original version of our brain
  • The fascinating causes of death in those early times
  • How these created changes in the physical body
  • What our DNA is encoded with through lifetimes
  • A most interesting insight into how the change in our brains took place 4 -6 million years ago
  • How the parts of the brain are changing with shifts in consciousness
  • The riveting changes that can happen in the DNA strands
  • What has ‘aliens’ mystified and how they might help out
  • The extraordinary about millennial children
  • THE way to change DNA – there is no other way
  • What we preprogramed and why we did so
  • The link to the subconscious mind
  • The wild card within that wins every time
  • The one thing that lifts the chokehold on you and reprograms your DNA
  • A most interesting insight into the ‘placebo’ effect in consciousness
  • The missing piece that stymies scientific solutions
  • A crystal-clear statement of the highest state of consciousness on earth
  • Julius’ words of wisdom about practices
  • A simple yet very powerful process
  • The powerful ways in which this process works within us
  • How to move into full empowerment in day-to-day life
  • The big lie about cancer
  • The one powerful thing that clears bacteria, viruses and limitations

The Q&A goes deeper into this fascinating topic:

  • The truth about ‘junk’ DNA
  • How to know masculine and feminine energies are balanced in you
  • The use of technology in civilizations
  • Understanding ethnicities and the DNA
  • Levels of consciousness and the braiding of DNA
  • The assistance given by millennial children
  • Lifting of veils between dimensions
  • How to change old imprinted thoughts
  • Moving out of the power of the subconscious mind
  • Aliens and the subconscious mind
  • Changes in the DNA and the body
  • Crystallizing of DNA

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