This is a 3 part class with two teachings and a discussion.

This course addresses the topic of who your guides or Angels might be.  Are they associated with the codes of your DNA?  This topic will open up the fields of possibility as to who your embodiments might be and how communication with that works.
Are you encoded with your own guides?  How do we unleash these codes? How do we understand how to access them? And how many do we have?
Here are some testimonials from the first teaching…
“Awesome class – many thanks! Looking forward to tomorrows. Tons of love!!!”
“Wow, what great new pieces of information I have to play with now! So much fun! Thanks”

In the first module, Julius sets everyone on fire to discover and interact with their mind-blowing guides:

– The hidden treasure in the human body
– The astonishing truth about the kundalini in this connection
– Who your guides are, where they are from and how they are connected to you
– The deeper origins of body-mind-spirit
– Your DNA in lower and higher consciousness
– What our ‘junk’ DNA actually is
– The truth about so many channelling the same being
– What determines the connection to different types of guides
– Fascinating insights into angels
– The actual pearls of wisdom in your DNA
– Hints you have in your life about your guides
– Foundational insights for deeper connections to your phenomenal guides
– The blocks that prevent you from connecting with your guides
– How you know you have connection
– The distinction between high and low frequency guides
– Super important ‘don’ts’ when it comes to guides
– The various scenarios in which guides are so helpful
– Guidance to couples who are on differing conscious journeys
– The times when you can make a strong connection
– What to do when you have difficulty connecting with guides
– A fantastic practice to connect with your guides
– How to deepen the connection
– Clues to who your guides could be
– Other helpful tips for such connections

Many more deeper insights and fascinating information on this vast subject in the Q&A:
– The factors that assist you in accessing more of your guides
– Do animals and other sentients have guides?
– As you shift in your consciousness, do your guides change?
– How the human race began and how it impacted our DNA
– The truth about channelling the same being
– How to interpret the messages of your guides
– How to get beyond our own limitations in connecting to all our guides
– You as guides to others in physical form
– Where your guides come from
– The example of Charles Manson
– How elements guides us
– The state of knowing of a 6th level of consciousness being
– What are you sometimes doing as you ‘dream’

Supporting Workshops:

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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