This product contains 4 videos and 4 audios versions of the live event filmed in Salt Lake City.  There’s over 4 1/2 hours of recordings from the event and you can watch in video, or download the audios. It is a most comprehensive, exciting and deep teaching by Julius on this intriguing subject. With their amazing humor and brilliant way of simplifying what may seem complex, they give this topic the depth and breadth it deserves. With some powerful energy processes and a Quaraxian activation, it is all you can wish for by way of information and clear guidance.
The Quaraxians offered an activation on Sunday as part of this workshop.

Module 1
– An explanation of the intriguing circumstantial beings
– The truth about angels and how they can help you or not
– What guides are and how they aid you
– What determines who you connect with
– Understanding the chaos that may ensue from such connections
– What to do when you experience dark energies around you
– Misinterpreting the messages – the solution
– More fascinating information about dimensions, realms and levels of consciousness
– How to differentiate between low-frequency and high-frequency messages
Module 2
– What is your purpose? What is the work you’ve come to do?
– The truth about those labelled as schizophrenic or bi-polar & how to help them
– How to get past the limitations of the human condition
– The most important concept of the creative process
– How everything in the universe is created
– A beautiful, moving process of intention and light ends the session
Module 3
– Starts with a wonderful energy process with drum and voice
– All that sentient beings are
– Your body and your consciousness
– Communicating with the angels, guides and circumstantial beings
– Interesting information on recognizing energy in yourself and others
– What to do when you are approached by beings
– A big Aha moment about judgment of self
– Can you help other versions of yourself elsewhere?
– An amazing insight into music and you
– How to call in your angels, guides and circumstantial beings
– A deep, powerful Quaraxian activation to help you connect with your angels, guides & circumstantial beings
Module 4
– Starts with an amazing brain activation
– Going into the famous white room theory of Julius
– The most interesting things about tools such as crystals
– The big difference between angels and guides
– The frequency range of your body, earth and your consciousness
– A live exercise to feel the beings around you and the energy of oneness
– Who the Quaraxians are
– Our first experience on this earth

Find out if you are one of these beings for someone else, and how to become one.

Supporting Workshops:

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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