This course originally sold for $119.  It has been reduced to $74.

Interacting and establishing relationships with other beings can be a truly expansive and enjoyable experience. Julius assures us that we can all have such communications.

This teaching not only gives us a wealth of information on the various beings we can interact with but clears many myths surrounding these beings, especially the fear-based ones.

For those who are new to the experience, you are guided on how to initiate communication with a wonderful meditation.

The Meditation:  This meditation is a truly enjoyable and effective practice to send out an invitation to your guides to communicate with you. It first clears any fear, preconceived notions, resistance and expectations in this area and opens your pituitary gland to allow new thoughts.

Julius gives you the truth about these beings & other information:

  • About Kasey’s personal interactions with an alien.
  • Different types of angels.
  • Differences between angels and guides.
  • About  4th and 5th dimensional beings – what this means in terms of consciousness.
  • The different types of help extended to you by angels and guides.
  • The simple way to differentiate between high and low frequency beings.
  • About feeling the presence of angels or guides.
  • The ultimate truth of all of us.
  • Your relationships with other beings before you came to the physical plane.
  • Detailed information about aliens.
  • When other alien races helped us.
  • Aliens and the now.
  • Abductions by aliens.
  • How aliens regard us.
  • About the protective energy around us.
  • The message aliens come to give us.
  • Information on apparitions and ghosts.
  • The angel rebellion.
  • Many true examples of communications, many explanations.
  • Explosive information on communications between aliens and groups of humans.

Foundation Courses:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.