This is a 3 part workshop with 2 teachings and one discussion.

In this 3-part teaching, Julius provides profound information about
  • How thought is accessed from the Soul, and
  • How it’s accessed from the altered ego;
  • How to identify the process and shift the process;
  • How your stress level created by your altered ego?…
  • What can be done about it?
In the second module there will be a meditation for problem solving…

In the first two modules, Julius dives into this complex subject with many Aha moments for us:
– The space in which all solutions lie
– A unique way to know whether you are coming from the altered ego or the soul
– How the altered ego operates within us
– What the mass reality of this 3-D world does to us
– Qualities of a high consciousness teacher
– One essential component for mastery
– How to pivot from low consciousness to high consciousness
– What to do when you discover blocks or you cannot find solutions
– One of the games we play towards mastery
– Insights into getting caught up in others’ altered egos
– How to practise not being in the altered ego, but be the soul
– Perfect example of altered ego having you on a hook
– The whole process of the conscious journey
– What assists you away from the altered ego and stabilizes you in a higher frequency
– What to do when you suddenly get blindsided
– A sensational high-energy-infused sound bath to awaken your high-frequency state

In the Q&A, Julius explains deeper aspects of the altered ego:
– The supreme way to tackle the altered ego
– Insights into moving out of argument into discussion
– Dream states, living in the Now and the altered ego
– Refining the level of awareness in the moment of Now
– How to avoid the risk of indoctrination from others’ thoughts
– What the process of ascension is
– The importance of sacrum fluid
– Can the altered ego disguise itself as the soul?
– How the altered ego manipulates the energy of love
– How the body tells you whether you are in the altered ego or the soul
– Huge insights into the aspect of money in this context
– The deep importance of greater understanding of the altered ego

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These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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