This incredible 8-module course establishes the sheer importance of these core issues of unworthiness and shame. Julius gives us a staggering fact to underline the significance of this teaching – of the 8 billion people currently living on earth, perhaps just one thousand are free of these issues.

When you are embedded with the binding emotional states of unworthiness and shame, you cannot live from and express your authentic self. Without that connection and expression from your true self, you are living a lie, and your life is a demonstration of this untruth in all that you create and express.

Many people have learnt to hide this corrosive aspect of their being under the cloak of projected self-confidence.

Many feel they have moved on and left these issues behind, not realising that these are subconscious driving forces.

Yet as you go through this course, you will realise through the clues that Julius gives you, that you are not free of these emotional states.

As only Julius can, you are given immense support and invaluable guidance in releasing these emotional binding states from your being.

There are detailed, highly effective practices, applications and meditations to expedite the process of returning to your authentic self, where you will experience the untold joy of being who you are and manifesting an incredible, fulfilling life from that state of being.

Warning: This course is so powerful that some may not be ready to access the painful effects of these issues. Please come to this teaching without judgment and a love of self that is all allowing.

You can do this!.. You can set yourself free!

The first 3 Modules are as follows:

  1. A Meditation Application – The use of hands and visualization.
  2. Meditation on Releasing Unworthiness and Shame.
  3. A Discussion of These Issues.

Meditation: This meditation has been given by Julius to reset the subconscious patterns, from self-defeating and self-sabotaging thoughts and knowing, to the true knowing of the magnificence of your being, of who you really are. It is recommended that you do this meditation for a period of at least 30 days to reset your subconscious mind.

The following 4 modules include the following content:

Part 1:

  • The difference between discipline and punishment.
  • The worst punishment that impacts the rest of your life.
  • The beginning of shame.
  • When forgetting who we are occurs.
  • The impact on your relationships.
  • Difference between ego and altered ego.
  • How to recognize and embrace your ego.
  • Specific steps to know your ego personality.
  • Turning fear-based traits to love-based traits – an example.
  • How to find authenticity in self and in one’s life.
  • Exercises and practices to rediscover and embrace your authentic self.

Part 2:

  • Two clear trigger points and indicators of unworthiness and shame.
  • What corrodes from within.
  • Explicit instructions on releasing unworthiness and shame – step-by-step.
  • More loving guidance to help you out of these binding emotions – your simple effective daily practices.

Part 3:

  • About accessing the inner child.
  • The impact of childhood experiences.
  • About healing past incidents.
  • How your well-being is affected.
  • How your inner child provides the solution.
  • Specific guidance on healing sexual violation in childhood.
  • Advanced truths in healing yourself.
  • How to effect the most powerful healing.
  • The distinctive difference between your ego and altered ego.
  • The white room theory.

Part 4:

  • Magnificent clues for deciphering your authentic self.
  • The amazing truth about your birth-date and your authentic self.
  • The road-map we set for ourselves – using astrology, numerology, face reading etc.

Part 5: This is the question and answer module.

Shame cuts the soul. What we mean by that, masters, is – it begins the severing of your conscious awareness state from your identity of being a soul and starts to convert you into the total thought acceptance of your identity of being physical.” ~ Julius