Through the ages, enlightened masters have sought to help their students with the ONE BLOCK, the one sticky SOURCE of all issues, problems and resistances in not only spiritual practice but all of life itself.
In this electrifying and profound course, Julius does the same for us in simple, direct and practical terms. The Gordian knot of the altered ego can and will be untied through the inner work that is made so much easier with the priceless clarity and guidance provided by Julius in this teaching.
We are light beings in human form. The only thing that cloaks that remembrance from ourselves is the altered ego. This course gives you mantras, powerful daily practices and attitude adjustments that are designed to help you master the altered ego and are guaranteed to give you major benefits: becoming more attuned and aligned with your soul, improved stress-free multitasking, greatly enhanced physical, mental and emotional renewal. It is the walk from darkness into the light, into the remembrance of who we truly are – magnificent, powerful light beings.

The path into illuminated being begins by understanding:

  • Detailed definitions of ego and altered ego.
  • Examples of how the altered ego impacts our lives.
  • How and when our altered ego was created.
  • Our creative powers as light beings.
  • How we created this realm and assumed our physical bodies.
  • A brief description of the creative process.
  • The impact of the theory of one life and fear of death.
  • Our progress through the ages.
  • An explanation of the famous monkey mind.
  • Insight into the mind in the lower seals of consciousness.
  • The result of processing a multitude of thoughts from the altered ego versus the ego.
  • The first important baseline practice in the 108-day program of taming the altered ego mind.
  • How we constantly reinforce the altered ego state through the day.
  • Energetic ways to recalibrate, reset, resolve fear.
  • Further detailed practices of the 108-day program.
  • Using these practices in day-to-day life, crises and moments of volatility.
  • Characteristics of those ruled by the altered ego.
  • Amazing benefits that will naturally flow from these practices.
  • The huge, devastating impact of constant fear on human beings.
  • How to counteract this trend.

Julius deepens our understanding of the following:

  • Further elaboration on the baseline practice.
  • Sacred numbers for reprogramming.
  • The significance and deeper benefits of mantras.
  • How you release portions of the altered ego.
  • The art of seizing opportunities in a moment.
  • How states of awareness lead to different emotional experiences.
  • The processing of thought through the altered ego and the soul, the role of the brain.
  • A more detailed explanation of the soul personality.
  • Living life from a less than authentic personality.
  • The single, double, triple element states.
  • How to decipher the personality type of anyone.
  • A brief yet fascinating description of the elements.
  • When kundalini energy gets activated.
  • The use of stimulants to access altered states of consciousness.
  • The transmutation of fear-based thoughts, emotions into love-based ones.

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