This is a 2 part workshop with one teaching and one discussion.

In this 2 part discussion Julius will provide vital information as to why humans “die”….
And most importantly, how to shift this experience. When you discover deep profound truths about humans and yourself we can begin to take our power and sovereignty back.
When you awaken to your Spiritual journey you become aware of how little you remember about your true self. This leads to a desire to remember more and more.
What if the human experience was designed for thousands of years??? What if your body once reaching full growth was never designed to age.
What has caused this and more importantly can we change it????
Come along for this discussion and decide for yourself.
Julius blows the lid off the embedded myth of death and what we can do to dissolve it:
  • The two primary fears of human beings
  • What creates our reality
  • How others contribute to your reality
  • What we were like when we first came to earth
  • The first embedding of the concept of death
  • What it takes to shapeshift, ascend and descend the physical plane
  • How we lost these abilities
  • The other massive factors that led to acceptance of death
  • The inner workings of ascension explained
  • What keeps us on track for death
  • What our bodies were designed for
  • What we can do now to move away from death
  • The two illusions that we have to let go of

The Q&A takes this spectacular workshop to another level:

  • Reptilians’ ability to shapeshift
  • The things that assist you in knowing that you are Source
  • Another false program related to longevity
  • Are disabilities programs?
  • Finer aspects of living in the Now
  • A fascinating new insight into trauma
  • The purpose of this physical plane being a hologram
  • Astounding truths about physical pain, accidents, torture etc.
  • How to handle the collective fear in the realm while on our conscious journey
  • Understanding awareness and high consciousness
  • Amazing insights into visiting loved ones who have transitioned
  • The two perspectives that shift your experience into expansiveness and joy