This product was filmed at a live Julius event.  It consists of 4 videos and is also in downloadable audio format.
During this weekend event, Julius addressed the following in relation to fear and self empowerment:
  • What causes the reincarnation cycle?
  • Why did we create the forgetting process?
  • Get some incredible and powerful insight on how you can face one of the biggest fears for humans – death.
  • Why do humans have a hard time recalling their past lives?
  • Why do some cultures and tribes have more access to their past lives?
  • Julius talks about all the emotions and common activities like funerals that surround the death process on this realm.
  • Change your perspective about life and death.
  • Learn how this understanding can aid you in your empowerment and start to release some of the judgment around death.

Module 1
– The all-important creative process
– The platform this earth provides as compared to other planets in this solar system
– Very important understanding of what our first life here on earth was like
– The extraordinary that happens when you are in this specific emotional state
– How reincarnation was initiated
– The most difficult judgment for humans to release
– Why we have amnesia
– Why some babies are stillborn
– What stops the aging process
– The deeper reason of why people stay in toxic relationships
– What stops amnesia and the reincarnation process
– How you can escape the effects of the vaccine
– The big difference between sadness and trauma
– The way out of deep trauma
Module 2
– Explanation of the 5 internal and 5 external senses
– The pitfall of spiritual arrogance
– The myth of coincidence
– More fascinating information about ascension and ascended masters
– Can your soul get knocked off its seat?
– Recognizing innumerable facets of joy
– Your relationships on your conscious journey
– Amazing information about kundalini energy
– How you can help loved ones in a most loving way
Module 3
– The primary reason why we keep reincarnating
– When you begin to access memory of other lifetimes
– The memories you could access when amnesia starts lifting
– Why we implemented amnesia on ourselves
– Are veils and amnesia the same thing?
– The amazing thing that happens when you give up the fear of death
– The fantastic truth about your brain and your thoughts
– How to handle memories of other lifetimes as they come back
– The intriguing doer and observer in so-called dream time
– A beautiful process to clear your field to access memories
Module 4
– Are we moving into 5D?
– The world of ghosts explained
– A brief description of the 7 levels of consciousness
– What keeps us controlled and manipulated
– Another very powerful and profound process to calibrate and stabilize your field

Supporting Workshops:

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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