Most humans spend some thought wondering what will happen to them after they die. Is there life after death?

What would that be like?


This course will clarify…

  • How the process of choosing life after death works, and why it works that way.
  • How to access this information even before you die.
  • How to help others with this topic.

Julius tells us that Humans have only 2 primary fears:
Death and their own empowerment.

This very important course demystifies death. It explains what happens immediately after transition and how you can choose that experience. It is a teaching that many will want to revisit when it comes to helping their loved ones transition peacefully.

These powerful words of high wisdom and gainful insight from Julius will remove your primary fear of death and that is when you will really start enjoying your current life.  You will be able to access the Joy and Bliss of knowing yourself as the all Powerful Source through intention.

Julius explains:

  • What is death?
  • What are you in reality?
  • The real truth about the tunneling effect in near-death experiences.
  • What will you experience as you transition?
  • The fascinating truth of what happens next.
  • Will you meet your loved ones in other lives?
  • How to choose your next life.
  • A delightful daily practice to start the process.
  • Religious indoctrination and its effect on after death experiences.
  • What you can do to help another transition.
  • What it is like out of the physical body.
  • How to make your ‘death’ experience less disorienting.
  • The difference between emotionally engaged and detached.
  • The vital balance between being emotionally invested and engaged.
  • A fantastic analogy to explain why we all come to the physical plane.
  • How to predict what you are going to experience after life.
  • The role of stimulants in raising consciousness.
  • How to know who you are being.
  • A worthwhile practice to help you.
  • How to become less stressful in life.
  • A very important insight into judgment of self.
  • The inside story of guilt.
  • The staggering truth about your receiving of pure love after death.
  • How to really enjoy this life.

Many more interesting topics:

  • Brad’s near-death experience.
  • What you can pick up on in your dreams.
  • The drag created by other beings on your conscious journey.
  • The immense capability of the multi-faceted soul.
  • Why the altered ego is dominant.
  • Experiences after life of those who have depression, mental illnesses or commit suicide.
  • Facts about natural aromas and essential oils.
  • Information on brain chemical imbalances.
  • Why the addiction to pain, trauma and drama.
  • Important understanding and insight into Law of Attraction.
  • How you are helped to move into compassion instead of sympathy.
  • Information on the astral plane.
  • Could someone like Hitler come back as someone like Mother Teresa?




These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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