This was recorded at a live event. It consists of 2 part downloadable audio.

What happens when you die? …

This class discussion provides a higher insight on you as Source.
Julius provides information to inspire and hold you in spaces of possibility and love.
Each one has asked this question of themselves, and we will provide information that perhaps you have not considered before.

With love, with possibility, with expansion, we walk thru this topic together.

Module 1:
– Transitioning in these times
– What happens immediately after you transition
– The effect of your transition on versions of you in other dimensions
– Many Aha moments on transition, ghosts and apparitions
– When do you expand the most – in physical or non-physical form?
– What this earth and its dimensions offer by way of consciousness
– Frequency and your relationships
– Interesting information on suicide and mental illness
– What the controllers get from their control
– Choices you make for experience after transitioning
– Common reincarnation period
– What keeps you locked in a perspective
– Fascinating truth about Archangels
– Knowing more about accessing wisdom from guides and other beings
– Origin of word and theory of ‘hell’

Module 2:
– The phenomenon of tunneling after transition
– What you can do for loved ones who are ready to transition
– When angels become embodied
– Clearing misconceptions about walk-ins
– Very intriguing insights into split personalities and souls in a body
– Deeper truths about what has controlled this earth for so long
– What each one can do to counteract this
– The origins of religion
– Why humans are addicted to fear
– Insight into panic manifestation
– Releasing disempowerment around sexuality
– The answer to everything
– How to get new thought
– How to remove the fear of transition/death
– In conclusion, Julius sets a powerful intention for all

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Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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