This was recorded at a live event and consists of 2 downloadable audios.

This workshop is included as a bonus with purchase of the Hidden Codes of Judgment Virtual Retreat.

Julius explores the difficult topic of Programming you have undergone in the human experience.

From family, Religion, Government, Education, Health Care…  All systems have programmed you into massive disempowerment.

Julius assists us to move past these limitations and help reduce the amount of fear and anger in our life.

Attend this powerful workshop and learn techniques to apply immediately.

Module 1

– The focus of programming and its impact on us
– Programming and the brain
– Resonance or energy frequency activation
– What makes you susceptible for programming?
– Very important information about soul entering the fetus
– Tracing the onset and continuation of programming
– Where the resistance to deprogramming comes from
– What gets you out of the programs running within you
– Deep truths about the altered ego
– The profound role of awareness
– Why programming is so effective
– How long it takes to let go of programming
– Another powerful way to go beyond programming
– Other factors that trigger programming
– Deep insights into yet another powerful way to live beyond programming
– Practices in your daily life to dissolve and recover from hidden programs

Module 2:

  • Insights into the huge topic of toxicity, medication, vaccinations
  • Timeline manipulation and programming
  • A deeper understanding of the magic of kundalini energy
  • Practices to activate your kundalini energy
  • The real lifespan of our human body
  • Some dos and donts about practices
  • Fascinating truths about gravity, levitation and timelines
Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

Supporting Workshops:

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