This product consists of a video replay and downloadable audio of a live event.

Do we have the power to rewrite our body’s makeup… if so how do we do that?

What has gotten our bodies to where they are now?

Are we stuck in Genetic codes?

Module 1:

– What the coming shift means for all of us
– The reason we take on a body
– Thorough explanation of states of being that create illness in the body
– Awesome details to help understand our brain
– Why such a small part of our brain is active
– Detailed explanation of states of being that rejuvenate the body
– The often asked question answered – what do I meditate on?
– Uplifting information about genes and DNA
– A big Aha moment about your brain and manifestation
– One thing that sabotages accountability
– The system that erodes the body and the way out
– Startling possibilities of thoughts and emotions
– A wonderful practice to refine emotions

Module 2:

– The immense value of brain activation
– Difference between timelines and lifetimes
– A deep and profound brain activation
– When to perform this activation and its enormous advantages
– Exciting insight into the brain and high levels of consciousness
– What this earth is going to be like when all controlling elements disappear
– The opportunities that open up for us when this happens
– Words of high wisdom for the coming times
– Versions of us in other timelines
– Fascinating truths about very recent intentional timeline shifts and the effects on us
– The effects of concurrent lifetimes
– Powerful magic by Julius to lift limitations in the moment of Now
– The mind-blowing, exciting possibilities coming
– The fascinating timeline-jumping possibilities for growth
– Higher truth about hallucinogenic drugs
– Powerful affirmation and highly inspirational concluding words by Julius