Many begin to awaken when they start to question who or what God really is?

We live in an age where more and more people are beginning to realise that there is more, that long-held beliefs may be a limited truth, which they are now ready to move out of.

Julius traces the history of how we came to believe in a God outside of ourselves, and how this belief deepened over time.

For centuries, mankind has labored under the fear of displeasing God, and this is a theory that is hard to shake because of the embedded fear of not knowing what would happen if we did not worship God.  Julius explains the reasoning behind such beliefs and fear.

In making us aware of how such belief took root, Julius creates the space to allow a more expanded truth to be accepted.

With love, with understanding, and with great compassion, Julius seeks to help us move beyond limited notions of a punishing God, and on to the magnificent and empowering truth of what God is.

The belief in this ‘grand prejudice’ gained ground because we did not take responsibility for ourselves, to think for ourselves, in times gone by.

Those who have begun to awaken have chosen to be responsible for themselves this time around. For them, this teaching will answer many questions, and form the basis of their continuing expansion.

You come to expansion through desire and you will not be fulfilled until you have reached full expansion”. ~ Julius

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