Many people walk into a maze of overwhelming information when they try to understand what a soul, a light being, or spirit, is.

There is the often repeated advice that seems like the solution to all life’s issues – ‘All you have to do to be happy is to align with your soul’. Yet. without knowing exactly what your soul is, it is impossible to align with it.

Experience the enthusiasm and boundless compassion of Julius as they seek to clarify these often mystifying concepts in simple terms, and as they do so, they lead us through the first vital steps of remembering who we really are, how we became the gods who have forgotten ourselves, and how separation and fear set in.

They then explain in great detail how we can align with the soul to truly attain happiness, and how misalignment keeps all joy and all possibilities out of our lives.

In brief, this teaching sets us firmly on the path to self-empowerment and happiness. It is inspiring, it is hopeful, but more than that, it is the truth that will set us free.

You have no idea how vital you are in Source knowing itself.” – Julius

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