Julius always starts and ends with a simple but profound truth – we are Source.

Never before has this truth been explained, and described, with such clarity that it may stir a long forgotten remembrance of it.

Julius often refers to the creative process in other advanced teachings because all understanding of advanced concepts and truths would be incomplete without this very significant and foundational piece of the jigsaw puzzle of life on earth.

The wealth of information in this teaching:

  • How you are connected to the All.
  • How all things with dimension are created.
  • About the number and nature of the steps in the creative process.
  • What it really means to be a light being.
  • Who actually created everything here on this realm.
  • Why you decided to become part of the Earth’s experience.
  • How fear set in, and how it upset the apple cart.
  • Why Julius calls you the “Master”.
  • About the reincarnation process and it’s beginning.

…if it’s possible in this moment in your life for you to imagine a time of no fear, of no fear. Could you imagine what that would be like? Could you imagine never being afraid of anything? For you have the ability to create anything that you wanted, anything that you needed, anything that you decided you chose to experience, you could just create it.” ~ Julius

We are going to get you back to the knowing that you are light. Contemplate this dialogue, Master, from the beginning, from the beginning. And from the beginning, we shall take you into the All. Find comfort in the knowing that all is well, Master, that you are safe, that you are not low and slow, that you are not behind in any way. 

And we want you to come away from this dialogue feeling joyous, feeling happy, that perhaps now you have some answers. Perhaps now you feel a ringing of truth, perhaps now, some of your ideas and your dreams make sense.” ~ Julius

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