The teachings in this package lay the foundation for all the other teachings of Julius and are always suggested as foundation classes for other advanced teachings.

Julius explains how we as souls came to this earthly realm and how we forgot who we really were – they call us ‘the Gods who have forgotten themselves’.

Julius too incarnated on this earth and having mastered it some 1500 years ago, they have now returned to guide others in their journey through consciousness. They start by giving us the unique and clear explanation of the 7 stages or phases of consciousness that every human being will go through in their ascension process.

Never before has such invaluable information been divulged. It has been given to help everyone place exactly where they are in their journey through consciousness. For if you do not know your seal of consciousness, you are not clear about what is holding you back, where you are faltering and why you are not being able to raise your consciousness despite your effort.

These teachings not only explain each of the 7 seals of consciousness, their colors and characteristics but they provide an amazingly clear road-map to you to raise your consciousness.

Julius often states that the most effective way to resolve all issues, problems, lack in life is to raise your consciousness.

The journey through the seals is the journey from a fear-based perspective of the lower 3 seals to the love-based perspective of the higher 3 seals.

In between is the fourth seal, Bridge Consciousness, which is the transition from fear into love, moving from the perspective of being a human being to the knowing of being a light being.

The 7 seals of consciousness are really perspectives, which determine what your life will be like.

The First Consciousness Seal.

Color: Brown
Name: Sub-Consciousness.
Trait: Reproduction & Survival.

This is a perspective you hold when you are farthest away from the knowing that you are Source. Having fallen to the lowest and slowest version of thought, you fell into the illusion of this realm. You feel that you must fend for yourself,  you are totally focused on survival and furthering your lineage. Human beings have set up governmental, educational and economical systems to practise the art of survival. There is competition and the need to be the best. Fear is the primary driving force in this seal.

The Second Consciousness Seal.

Color: Red.
Name: Social Consciousness.
Trait: Control, Tyranny, Herd-like Behavior

It is a perspective held by the vast majority of the human race. The traits are belief in the safety in numbers, herd-like behavior, conforming to the rules and regulations of the group, seeking the approval of others, tyranny , control, reward and punishment. You must follow guidelines and requirements to succeed and “make it to heaven”. No thinking for yourself. Conformity and sacrifice is necessary.

The Third Consciousness Seal.

Color: Yellow.
Name: Conscious Awareness.
Trait: Pain & Suffering.

This is where you start to awaken, are more accepting and sense that there is something more than what you have been led to believe. Fear is still binding and the perception is that there is pain and suffering. Manifestation works but only when you focus. There is still a belief that Source is outside of you. You find that religion does not work for you and you move into the the “duality” theory and the Yin and Yang of this realm. You start finding the light within.

The Fourth Consciousness Seal.

Color: Blue.
Name: Bridge Consciousness.
Trait: Unconditional Love, All Allowing.

There is where you begin to accept that you are creating it all. You now turn inward, find your light within and work from that perspective. Judgment is the main issue in this seal, starting with non-judgment of thought. The attitude of compassion, forgiveness and acceptance apply to all aspects of your life. You accept “Isness” as your reality. you not only express and accept love freely, you see all others as Gods who have forgotten themselves.  As you traverse this bridge, you move from fear to love, from seeing yourself as a human being to accepting yourself as a light being, from accepting this world as real to knowing it is an illusion.

The Fifth Consciousness Seal.

Color: Rose.
Name: Super Consciousness.
Trait: Speaking & Living The Truth, Without Duality.

You are now living and walking the truth without duality. There is total acceptance that you are Source. Your life becomes a demonstration of living and breathing love and acceptance. Your thoughts are manifesting themselves effortlessly now. You experience peace of mind and joy. You begin to reach conscious states of seeing the dimensions and depths around you. You have an open-minded state of all possibility.

The Sixth Consciousness Seal.

Color: Gold.
Name: Hyper Consciousness.
Trait:  Veils Re-open, Full Access to Encodement in Kundalini Energy. 

You have full access to encoded knowing in kundalini energy. Full brain activity is achieved and manifestation from thought is instant. You are in a pure state of knowing that you are Source. Enlightenment is literally occurring and you become almost transparent in appearance. Ascending and descending on and off this realm is effortless. Demonstration of being Source is the message you bring.

The Seventh Consciousness Seal.

Color: Rose-Gold.
Name: Ultra Consciousness.
Trait: Total Attainment Of Enlightenment And Ascension.

This state of awareness is achieved once having mastered this realm. As you ascend off of this realm, you become the very thoughts you have. It is the return to the Void. You experience the launching of all possibility. You are the creator of all and continue that experience into infinity.

Foundation Courses:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.